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Readers Respond: Favorite Ways to Serve Eggs

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Updated September 18, 2014

Eggs are a good source of protein and lutein and although they contain some saturated fat, one egg is only about 75 calories. Eggs are so versatile - whether you boil, poach, fry or scramble them, you're likely to find eggs served with your breakfast.

Of course, eggs can be served any time of day, like in a quiche or an omelet. And eggs are a staple for your kitchen because they're used as an ingredient for baked goods and other items.

Hmmm... all this talk about eggs is making me hungry for a soft boiled egg or two. How do you like your eggs?

Eggs From Free Range Chickens

When you eat eggs, it's best to have the yolk soft. It will get you the most benefit. And especially take care to get organic free range eggs.


Anyway you fix them is good, but I prefer sunny side up or over easy. I'm 75 low cholesterol and fit as a fiddle. love em
—Guest BigBen

Soft Eggs

So my favorite is any form of prepared egg where the yolk is still a viscous liquid - YUMMM!! Egg yolk ravioli, poached, soft-baked... All good!

Favorite Ways To Serve Eggs

I like eggs fried, scrambled or soft boiled--but beware--only use cage free without added hormones, antibiotics, etc.----please read info from United States Humane SOC. on humane treatment o f laying hens----cartons are labeled so you don't promote the terrible inhumane treatment of factory farms---or better yet, if there is a farm near you, you can get fresh natural eggs from them sometimes
—Guest shirley

Thanks Emma

I was going to ask about HDL and LDL cholesterol content in eggs. There seems to be a little LDL in eggs, but a lot of HDL cholesterol to offset the difference. I wish the calorie counter can segregate between the two so I can see for myself. I eat about 12 eggs a day simply because it's the most easiest way to get protein in a form I can eat - so I spent a few hours tonight reading about this! agh


There are 2 types of cholesterol, good and bad and eggs are PACKED full of good cholesterol. No one needs to worry about cholesterol in eggs and anyone who writes about nutrition should know this. Good cholesterol actually kicks the bad so eat up!
—Guest Emma


I like to scramble the eggs but only have about one or two yolks to lower the cholesterol, and also add a bit of cheese.
—Guest Rebekah


I love scrambled eggs with spinach, a little cheese and lots of Tabasco!

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