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Readers Respond: How I Drink Enough Water

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Updated September 18, 2014

Many people tell me they'd like to drink enough water every day, but they just don't like the taste or believe that lugging a bottle of water around all day is inconvenient. Do you do anything special to get yourself to drink enough water every day?

More than enough

I drink 12oz. of warm water as soon as i wake up each day. After I have my 16 oz. of coffee from a local coffee shop, I refill the cup with hot water throughout the day and carry it with me wherever i go.
—Guest Sandi

How I Drink Enough Water

I need 4 liters of water a day so I take a liter bottle and place 4 rubber bands around. Once I finish one liter, I remove a rubber band and so forth. I really does help. I also drink throughout the day when I get a hunger feeling and at meals. I just hate using the bathroom so often! LOL
—Guest Faith


I gained weight after giving birth to my second baby, then a friend advised me to drink lots of water. My day starts at 05:30am with a 1litre jug of water then from 07:30 until 02:30 I drink a litre every hour, and then I start again at 05:00pm when I get home after work. I'm used to it no side effects - no nothing and damn, I look good. I've lost a lot of weight and my skin looks younger. Try it. It's cheap and available every where... water all the way.
—Guest GUEST

Make it Fun!

I have recently started a healthy lifestyle body transformation challenge. I'm not ridiculously overweight but I'm not fit either. My favorite challenge so far was to up my water intake. At first, this was easy as my body was craving it so much. But as time went on, it got more difficult. My advice? Make it fun. I picked up a pack of 3 brightly coloured water bottles from Costco specifically because they have an easy access to the water. Instead of taking off a cap, I just push a button and a spout opens up.. it's easy, quick & spill proof and that alone makes it easier to drink more. Then I add things. Sometimes, nothing beats a swig of ice cold plain water but sometimes it also gets dull tasting. I use a Brita filter in my fridge because I drink more water if it's cold, then I add to it; freshly squeezed lemon or other citrus, fruit, extracts, essential oils, & my new favorite, making iced tea.. just brew at double strength & pour over a few cups of ice- voila!
—Guest MissMorgan

Bless it

I filter my water and then bless it. Read the books by Masaru Emoto.
—Guest Roxy

It's Easy

At work, I figure out how much I need first thing, set a time for every hour to refill. I usually need to do 6 sports bottles... and it has to be COLD.
—Guest LaLa

No Straws

Sucking through straws cause air intake, much like babies who suck on a bottle, they have to be burped. Room temp water is the best. I drink Ozarka spring. I only drink tap if I'm cooking with it.
—Guest Kim White

Pretty Glass

I found that drinking water is much easier if I use a pretty glass. Sounds crazy but I since I bought a pretty stemed glass and keep on my desk with water in it I drink several glasses per day. I don't like keeping a plastic bottle on my desk and I don't want to keep one of those gym bottles there either.
—Guest guest

Add Flavour

I've started taking a bottle or water to work with me. Because I'm not keen on the taste of tap water, I have started adding things like frozen fruit or mint leaves to the bottle and lettin git steep overnight. Voila, a no-sugar flavoured water.
—Guest Sarea

The Straw

Using a straw allows me to drink a lot more water and enjoy it, because you do not taste it as much and it seems to be easier to swollow faster.
—Guest Kay

Water Bottles...

You can buy regular bottles at the corner store for 1-3$, they're usually 591 mL. 1000mL=1L 591+591= 1182mL I got 1.9L with this water calculator, so what I do is fill up the water bottle 4 times. Do drink often, but not so often that your stomach hurts or you're bloated.
—Guest Rose


Buy a water bottle that you like and are proud to carry around ! I chose the Voss glass bottle that comes filled with either spring water from Norway or sparkling water :) ever since I bought it (4 dollars) I has drank 3 liters of water everyday plus more that I don't drink out of the bottle . When the bottle is full it is quite heavy as it it's made of glass .. but it also doubles as a weight ;)
—Guest Shayla

Quart Jars

I learned this tip from a friend. Purchase a canning jar that holds a litre of water (equivalent of just over 4 8oz cups of water). It is much easier to drink 3 quart jars of water than 12 glasses in a day... easier to keep track of too. It feels like less because you only have to fill the jar 3 times in a day. Most of us know that at times we can just make ourselves have a glass or two of water. Use a quart jar and pretty soon you will find it just as easy to drink a quart as an 8 oz glass. Also, a couple of reminders on your phone to drink water work great too. Aren't we so lucky to have such wonderful problems like how to make ourselves drink enough water? We have so much to be thankful for! :) cheers.
—Guest Guest


I fill a Brita pitcher every morning with the right amount and by 7:00pm I have it finished. This gives me fresh water every day and I never use the plastic bottles that are so bad for the environment. Plus I never get headaches after drinking wine anymore. Hang overs don't happen much and my skin looks great!
—Guest Patty

How to Increase Your Water Intake

Water is a must for me. Before leaving out the house I have 32 oz. of cold water with me for drive to gym and during my early morning workout. Bottle complete before arriving to work. Once I arrive at work I fill up again 32 oz. bottle of water to have with my breakfast and snack. By lunch time I refill again 32 oz. When leaving out from work I refill again 32 oz. for ride to gym and pm workout. After pm workout must have 32 oz.. Always have my bottle of water with me just like - I always have my cell phone. Cheers!! 32 first thing in the morning and early morning workout. 32 breakfast and snack 32 lunch time 32 Travel between Work and PM Gym time 32 after work out and nite time Total: 160 oz of water a day
—Guest Mishleusa

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