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Updated June 08, 2013

From the article: Drink More Water
Many people tell me they'd like to drink enough water every day, but they just don't like the taste or believe that lugging a bottle of water around all day is inconvenient. Do you do anything special to get yourself to drink enough water every day? Share Your Tips

Back in sight, back in mind

I used to keep a soda can within reach on my desk all the time... I'd sip it while I read or work. Now I keep my 32oz bottle on my desk instead. As it turns out, the water is just as satisfying as soda ever was; I drink 3 or 4 liters a day without thinking about it.
—Guest Shelby

It's all about flavor

They make all different flavors in many different ways and brands Powder packets liquid packs even sugar free watermelon orange lemon lime cherry cranberry strawberry grape fruit punch you name it they have it powder packets are easy to put in a purse or pocket even in a desk drawer cherry is my favorite my kid's love grape and they don't cost much
—Guest Um...


I drink a full glass of water with breakfast. Then I drink a bottle of water in every class and refill between classes in one day I get at least 2.5L plus whatever I drink during my workout every other day(500-750mL).
—Guest Jordan Elaine


at night i place a previously 20oz bottle of water at my bedside. When I get up in the morning that's the first thing I do is drink it. I exercise 30 min later then drink another 20 to 30oz depending on the workout. then every hr while I'm at work I drink 5 to ten then go walking after work and drink whatever else I have to drink. If you get yourself in a strict routine every day itll be just as easy as showering every morning.
—Guest connie

Tough Love

I carry a 64 oz jug and usually drink 1 +1/2. I started watching my water intake 15 years ago when I was consistently not feeling good. At that time I was doing good to drink one glass a day, it was awful! Once I started drinking at least 8 glasses a day, I started feeling better. Bottom line: water is a necessity, so don't allow yourself to make excuses as to why you can't drink it (tastes blah, don't have time, etc..), and just do it! Coffee is an acquired taste, beer and wine, they are an acquired taste as well and yet most Americans consume too much of them. Quit with the excuses and just make it apart of who you are!
—Guest Liz


I have a reverse osoisms water purifier under the kitchen sink. The filters need to be replaced every six months. I absolutely love it. I don't think health conscious Americans drink out of the tap any more. According to the Environmental Working Group, my city has the #9 worst tap water in America!!exile
—Guest MZy8JYHHIrO


What I've found is using Mio to add some flavor if you don't like the taste of water. I've started using it and am up to 3-4 liters a day.
—Guest Annje

Easy stuff!

I went from soda/sweet iced coffee/sweet iced tea to just water... and lots of it. Grab a sports bottle, like 32oz and fill it with fresh cold water, chuck in a couple of lemon and/or lime slices for a little flavor if you so wish, and you're golden.. You'll drink like a fish! One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening or whenever you do your workout. It's easier than you might think.
—Guest Smiz

Make It Fun

Find cool water container that have a fun shape or a curly straw. This will make you (or your kids) find drinking water more enjoyable that from a boring cup. Also, be able to take your water on the go.
—Guest Sydney

How I got from no water to a whole liter

in 3 weeks! A co-worker recommended that I add some unsweetened concentrate cranberry juice. It only needs the smallest amount to give it enough flavor to be potable.
—Guest Sam

Cool Trick

If you're competitive or like games like I do, here's a cool trick. Take your amount of water you need/want to drink a day and mark on the bottle(s) how much should be left by a certain time of the day. Example: 2 liter and work from 9-5 You would put marks for 10 am, 11 am, noon, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm. I just started doing this and it works great! I feel like I'm winning something when I know that I'm not....
—Guest Caitlin

Don't forget salt

For every quart of water you drink, you should have a quarter teaspoon of salt. Sea salt will provide additional minerals but table salt gives you needed iodine so either would be good.
—Guest Alice


First: stop drinking coffee Then: stop drinking tea. Then stop drinking booze. Finally drink nothing but water. This should cover about a two year period.
—Guest Bernie

replaced cigs with water

I used to smoke a pack a day. during my normal smoke breaks I know drink a 5 once cup of water. I still get to take my break, I've quit smoking and I'm much healthier for it. Replace a bad habbit with a good one folks!
—Guest Matt

Drinking soda dehydrates you.

It takes water to remove the crap in soda so it should not be added to the total amount you drink.
—Guest matt

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How I Drink Enough Water

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