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Readers Respond: Diet Tips for Slashing the Sugar

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Updated June 08, 2013

Week 2 -- Slashing the Sugar is all about finding and eliminating the excess sugar from your diet. Do you cut back your serving sizes of sweets or do choose artificial sweeteners? Maybe you cut sugar and add extra nutrition by eating fruits. Think about how you cut (or plan to cut) the sugar out of your diet. Share your tip. Share Your Tip


I drink diet sodas and I will use Splenda as a sweetener.
—Guest Emily


I avoid sugar by eating fruit instead of sweets. Sugar has fiber and few calories.
—Guest Candy

Look at the label!

Beware of your sugar intake daily...please consider this!

Another Sugar

Another clever way added sugars are disguised on food labels is to call them 'evaporated cane juice.'
—Guest pepie1942@yahoo.com

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Diet Tips for Slashing the Sugar

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