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Avoiding Junk Food For a Healthier Body

Share Your Story: How I Motivate Myself to Eat Healthier

By Shahid Ali Qureshi

Updated October 31, 2010

What First Motivated Me To Eat Healthier

My passion is to be in a better shape. I think I owe a duty to my physical body, that is the container of my soul. On the face of it, people are overcome by aura and aroma of junk food, but wait for a minute and introspect! What havoc does it wreaks when it goes down? We never know the damage because we cannot peep into our stomachs where junk food stinks and further pollutes our blood.

What Motivates Me To Eat Healthier Now

I know I am what I eat. I know if I have to be in a better shape, I will have to make healthy food choices. My biggest motivator is my fear that if I eat junk food, it will bear out on my face. Secondly, my productivity as a person, as a member of society, and so too as a global citizen, depends on my fitness. A sick and unfit person may not carry his own burden in his or her society.


Age is a relative term. Your biological age is nothing but an account of your living years according to calendar. What your age is depends on your food choices. A healthy eater is always ageless. Even at 60, he or she may be smarter and prettier than a teenager.

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