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Nutrition for Disease Management and Prevention

Eating a healthy diet may help to reduce your risk of certain health conditions, but eating a poor quality diet might increase your chances of becoming ill. Dietary changes may be an important component of treatment too. Here you'll learn more about how your diet can affect your health.
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Will Cranberry Juice Prevent Bladder Infections?
Cranberry juice will help treat or prevent bladder infections. Adding this juice to your daily diet may help prevent this painful condition.

Can Dehydration Cause Headaches?
You may become dehydrated if you don't drink enough water or other fluids. That can lead to problems. Learn why dehydration may cause headaches.

What Foods Are Bad for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Foods can sometimes affect how you feel and may even help with certain disorders. Learn more about foods and rheumatoid arthritis.

Back Pain and Chronic Dehydration
Being dehydrated can make muscle pain seem worse so can back pain be worse if you don't drink enough water? Learn why one expert believes so.

Foods That May Help Keep Eyes Healthy
There are a number of foods that have contain nutrients that may be good for your vision. Here's a look at some foods that may help keep your eyes healthy.

Share Your Favorite Healing Foods
Do you have specific foods that help you feel better either emotionally or physically? Let us know which foods are good for your mind, body and spirit.

What You Need to Know About Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and foods that may increase pain. Learn more about the foods that may decrease inflammation in your body.

Foods that May Prevent Colds and Flu
The best way to prevent colds or flu is to wash your hands frequently and avoid the viruses that cause them. The foods you eat may help too. Here are my tips for preventing colds and flu by eating a healthy diet.

Malabsorption Syndrome and Nutrition
Malabsorption syndrome can happen as the result of diseases or the treatment of diseases.

Calcium and Vitamin D May Not Prevent Fractures
Calcium and vitamin D supplements are often prescribed for keeping bones strong, but it takes more than that. Find out what else you need to do to prevent fractures.

Healthy Foods That Feed Your Skin
Beauty is only skin deep, but you can keep your skin healthier by eating the right foods. Learn more about the foods that help keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Book Review: The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan
Nutritionist Monica Reinagel wrote "The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan" to explain how the foods you eat may be triggering inflammation and pain.

Is Eating Late at Night Bad for Your Health?
A bedtime snack is just fine for most people. In fact eating a light snack may help you sleep. Just don't overdo it and eat too much.

Is Bacon Bad for Your Health?
Bacon is high in fats and sodium, so you shouldn't eat lots of it. However, you can use small amounts of bacon in your cooking to enjoy that flavor.

Diet and Osteoporisis
Osteoporosis increases your risk of bone fractures. I have the answers for common questions about the effects of food and diet on osteoporosis risk.

What Can I Eat on a Mechanical Soft Diet?
This diet includes soft and easy to chew foods, but you have to avoid foods that are chewy, crunchy or tough.

What Can I Eat on a Pureed Diet?
People who can't chew foods or have certain health conditions may need a pureed diet.

What is Enteral Nutrition?
Enteral nutrition is used when a person can't eat due to injury or illness. It requires the use of a tube that runs to the stomach or small intestine.

Do I Have to Watch My Protein Intake if I Have Chronic Kidney Disease?
Protein is necessary to build and maintain tissues and organs, but you may need to alter your protein intake depending upon the progression of the disease.

What Can I Eat on a Clear Liquid Diet?
Your doctor told you to follow a clear liquid diet. Here's what you can have while your on the diet.

Diet for Early Stages of Kidney Failure
Here's what you need to know about dietary changes when you have kidney disease.

Do I Have to Cut Back on Sodium when I Have Kidney Disease?
Learn why you'll need to cut back on your sodium intake if you have chronic kidney disease.

Low-Bacteria Diet for a Compromised Immune System
This diet might help you avoid getting sick when your immune system is compromised. Learn how to follow a low bacteria diet.

How Beneficial is a Low-Bacteria Diet?
A low-bacteria diet might help reduce your risk of infection if you have neutropenia, but it's not enough to prevent all infections.

Foods for Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea may be caused by illness or other causes. You may have an easier time dealing with your nausea and vomiting with a few temporary diet changes.

What Can I Eat on a Full Liquid Diet?
A full liquid diet is a little easier to follow than a clear liquid diet. Here's what you can eat.

Why Does a Person with Kidney Disease Need to Limit Phosphorus?
If your kidney aren't functioning properly, you can build up dangerously high levels of phosphorus in the blood.

Diet for End Stage Chronic Kidney Disease
Your diet may change in the end stage of kidney disease. You'll still have restrictions, but you'll need more protein.

Will Fiber Help with Diabetes?
A reader wants to know if it will help her control diabetes and blood sugar levels.

What Foods Cause Gas?
Gas can cause bloating and discomfort -- find out which foods cause gas.

What Can I Eat if I Have Chronic Pancreatitis?
Here's what you can eat if you are on a low-fat diet and have pancreatitis.

Will Eating Yogurt Help Stop Vaginal Yeast Infections?
Yogurt has prebiotic bacteria that are good for your gut -- but we don't know what they'll do for your vagina.

What Shouldn't I Eat if I Have Gout?
Gout is painful -- here's a look at the foods that can trigger a gout attack.

Dash Diet Eating Plan
Learn about the DASH Diet -- Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

People with orthorexia will only eat healthy, or pure, foods, to the point of obsession.

Can Chocolate Improve Your Mood?
Chocolate has compounds that have the potential to improve your mood -- but you'd need to eat too much chocolate for those compounds to affect your brain chemicals.

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