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Nutrition and Women's Issues

Women have special dietary needs during pregnancy when while breast feeding. The foods you eat might also make a difference in how you feel during menopause. The articles on this page focus on diet, nutrition and women's health.
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Common Lifetime Events and Weight Gain
We all share certain times in our lives when we're most likely to gain weight. From going off to college to hitting menopause - here the times many of us are prone to gaining weight.

Cooking for Love with Aphrodisiacs
Aphrodisiacs may not be have magical sexual powers, but most of them are nutritious. In fact, they often contain nutrients that are important for sexual health. Learn more.

Americans Don't Have Healthy Lifestyles
So many Americans are unhealthy. Probably due to eating too much and exercising too little. Some people still smoke and drink too much alcohol too. Learn more.

Superfoods for Your Sex Life
Superfoods are high in antioxidants that may have health benefits. You may feel healthier and sexier when you eat these sexy superfoods.

Is Diet Important During My Period?
The foods you eat might help make your period a little easier to handle. Learn more about fighting food cravings when you have PMS.

Foods for a Bikini Body
Add these foods to your diet to get a bikini-ready body.

Will Cranberry Juice Prevent Bladder Infections?
Cranberry juice will help treat or prevent bladder infections. Adding this juice to your daily diet may help prevent this painful condition.

Do Strawberries Cause Birth Defects?
A reader asks if strawberries cause birth defects and wants to know if pregnant women should avoid eating strawberries. Read my answer.

Is Eating Late at Night Bad for Your Health?
A bedtime snack is just fine for most people. In fact eating a light snack may help you sleep. Just don't overdo it and eat too much.

Foods That Help You Sleep
The foods you eat, or don't eat, can help you get a good night's sleep. Here are some ideas for bedtime snacks that can help you sleep.

Diet and Osteoporisis
Osteoporosis increases your risk of bone fractures. I have the answers for common questions about the effects of food and diet on osteoporosis risk.

Are There Any Foods I Should Avoid When I'm Pregnant?
There are some foods you should avoid when you are going to have a baby. Find out which ones and why.

Which Foods Help Menopause?
Menopause is a normal part of aging for women, but some women suffer from a variety of discomforts. Here's a look at some foods that may help to alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause.

How to Follow the Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean Diet has been associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and it may help you to live longer. Learn how to follow the Mediterranean diet.

The Okinawan Diet
Residents of the Okinawa region of Japan have some of the longest lifespans in the entire world. Learn why their traditional diet may be part of the reason why.

How Much Weight Should I Gain While I'm Pregnant?
You should gain weight when you're going to have a baby - the amount depends on what you weigh before you get pregnant. Find out how much weight you'll need to gain during your pregnancy.

Nutrition and Aging - Learning to Eat With Dentures
Getting dentures is one way to deal with dental problems. It can take some time and practice to learn how to eat again. Here are some tips on how to chew and eat your food with new dentures.

Unexpected Weight Loss
Losing weight without trying can happen during old age and can be a sign of illness. Learn more about unexpected weight loss and how to follow a liberalized diet.

10 Topics In Nutrition We Weren’t Thinking About In 1999
Here is a list of ten topics in nutrition that weren't on our minds in 1999, but are common now.

Dietary Supplement Tips for Older Adults
There are good reasons for older adults to take some dietary supplements. I've got tips for older people who want to take dietary supplements.

Why Do We Need Fewer Calories Per Day as We Age?
The older you get, the less food you need to eat. Find out why you need fewer calories as you age and what you can do to maintain a healthy weight.

Modified Consistency Diets
These diets are prescribed when a person has trouble chewing and swallowing, or after certain medical procedures.

The Bride’s Guide to Nutrition
Diet and nutrition tips for the new bride-to-be. Be beautiful and healthy on your wedding day.

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