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Eat Right - Build Your Healthy Diet


Is the idea of good nutrition something new for you? This is where you can learn the fundamentals of building a healthy diet and find out how to prepare and serve nutritious foods.
  1. A Little Biochemistry
  2. Getting Started
  3. In the Kitchen
  4. Superfoods
  5. Dietary Supplements

A Little Biochemistry


Do you know why you need to eat? Your body needs fuel and raw materials from carbohydrates, fats and proteins to keep your brain and body going throughout the day. You also need smaller amounts of essential nutrients called vitamins and minerals to keep your body's systems running right.

Getting Started

man cooking in the kitchen with a computer

Eating a healthy diet isn't difficult, but if you've neglected your nutritional needs for a long time, you may be out of practice. Here are some ideas and tips for cleaning up your diet and getting started with a new lifestyle with proper nutrition.

In the Kitchen

kitchen tools

Now that you know how to eat right, it may help to have a few more tips for preparing and serving foods at home. Don't forget about kitchen safety and proper food storage. I also have a few ideas for cooking when you're in a hurry.


Mixed Bowls of Berries

There are lots of good foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein sources. However, there are foods that stand out for their extra nutritional value and we call these foods the superfoods.

Dietary Supplements

Sometimes eating a healthy diet might not be enough and you may want to take dietary supplements. Learn more about which dietary supplements you might need.

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