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Make Your Own Food Diary


Updated July 04, 2014

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Food Diary Page Two - Keep Track of the Foods You Eat
food diary page to keep track of foods you eat

Keep track of the foods you eat.

Shereen Jegtvig

I have different versions of these pages. The standard pages have room to record your calories and other information. For example, you may want to monitor the number of calories you eat and the grams of carbohydrates you take in.

The comprehensive food diary pages have spaces for calories, fats, carbs, proteins and fiber. These pages will help you track more information; however, it also requires a little more work on your part. In either case, the United States Department of Agriculture National National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference has all the nutrition information you need to fill out your food diary pages (or you can look things up at Calorie Count.

At the end of each day, there is a space to total your calories and review your servings of fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains, fats and beverages. This way you'll know if you're getting enough foods from all the food groups.

Print the Standard Food Diary Pages
Print the Comprehensive Food Diary Pages

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