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Make Your Own Food Diary


Updated July 04, 2014

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Food Diary Page One - Starting Weight and Goals
Food Diary Cover Page

Record your starting weight and goals.

Shereen Jegtvig

The first page of your food diary is a cover page, where you can list your current weight, goal weight and any other health or dietary goals you may have. 

Your goals could be something like reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, losing weight, or increasing your fresh vegetable intake to a certain number of servings each day. You can also use this space to list exercise or other fitness goals - it's all up to you. You may also want to record your daily calorie target, which can be a single number (such as 1,550 calories) or a small range (such as 1,500 to 1,600 calories).

If you aren't sure how many calories you need each day, use my calorie calculators to help you. If your weight loss or gain slows down, you can always adjust your calorie target up or down.

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