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Readers Questions' About Grains and Cereals


Updated June 09, 2014

My readers ask me questions about all aspects of nutrition and I'm happy to answer most of them. This is a sample of some of the questions I've asked about grains and cereals.

Which Foods are Whole Grains?

Whole grain banana bread
Shereen Jegtvig
Which foods best fit into the whole grain category and what are some of the nutritional differences between whole wheat and whole grain? Whole Grains

Which is Better -- Brown or White Rice?

Brown Rice
Photo by Steve Ford Elliott
Rice can be a part of a healthy diet, but does it matter if you choose white rice or brown rice? Brown or White Rice

Is Spelt the Same as Wheat?

Spelt and wheat
Eising/Getty Images
Spelt is an ancient grain, sort of the grandfather of wheat as we know it today. It's high in fiber and makes wonderful spelt bread. What is spelt and how can spelt be part of a healthy diet? Spelt

Can Ramen Noodles Be Made Healthier?

Ramen Noodles
Julian Hecht
Ramen noodles are often a staple of a college student's kitchen. They are cheap and easy to prepare, but they don't have much nutritional benefit. Here are some tips on making ramen noodles just a bit healthier: Ramen Noodle Makover
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