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Help for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is both easy and difficult. The concept is the easy part, you need to reduce your calorie intake or increase the amount of calories you burn. Or both. The difficult part is actually doing it. It's tough to give up those high calorie foods and eating patterns that caused you to gain weight in the first place.
  1. Getting Started (19)
  2. Keeping Track (6)
  3. Eat Right at Restaurants and Parties (8)
  4. Low and Non-Calorie Sweeteners (9)

What to Do When You Cheat on Your Diet
You cheated on your diet and you're afraid you'll never eat healthy again. It happens to most of us now and then so don't get down on yourself. Here are my tips on how to get back on track.

How Can I Stick to My Diet on Weekends?
Here's a common problem - eating healthy all week, but blowing it on the weekends. YOu can take in a lot of calories in two days if you're not careful. I've got some tips that will help you stick to your diet on the weekends.

Tell Us Your Weight Loss Secrets
Have you lost weight? About.com readers want to know more. Give us a couple of your best weight loss tips.

Watch Portion Sizes When You Eat
Keeping an eye on your portion sizes will help you reach a healthy weight. It may help to learn the difference between servings and portions. Let me help.

Artificial Sweeteners: Safety and Information
Review the uses and safety profiles with this list of nonnutritive sweeteners. Most of them are also considered artificial sweeteners.

Foods for a Bikini Body
Add these foods to your diet to get a bikini-ready body. Includes foods for weight loss and healthy skin.

Look at Three Hundred Calories
Want to know what three hundred calories looks like? My photo gallery shows several foods, each served in a 300 calorie portion. Some of them are healthful foods, but some of them aren't so good for you.

How Did You Lose Weight?
Tell us even more about how you lost weight. How much did you lose and what did you do? Did you choose a diet, get help from a professional, or did you do it on your own?

How Many Calories in a Pomegranate?
Pomegranates are available in most grocery stores, but they're still considered by many people to be an exotic fruit. Heres' the calorie and nutrition information for pomegranates.

Beverage Calorie Counting Quiz
Test your knowledge of calorie counts for these popular beverages.

How Many Calories in Baked Potatoes?
Baked potatoes are served as a starch with a variety of meals. Here's the calorie count and nutrition information for baked potatoes.

Calorie Counting Quiz
Do you count your calories? Take this quiz to see if you can guess how many calories are in each food.

Snack Calorie Quiz
Take this quiz to see how much you know about snacks and the number of calories they contain.

Common Lifetime Events and Weight Gain
We all share certain times in our lives when we're most likely to gain weight. From going off to college to hitting menopause - here the times many of us are prone to gaining weight.

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