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How Diet Affects Your Health


The foods you eat may have a big impact on your health and that's both bad news and good news. The bad news is poor food choices may increase your risk for certain disorders, but the good news is good foods may improve your health. Learn more about how the foods you eat make a difference in your health.
  1. Diet and Your Heart
  2. Diet and Diabetes
  3. Foods and Other Health Conditions
  4. Nutrition and Children
  5. Diet and Aging

Diet and Your Heart


Heart problems, along with other cardiovascular conditions, can be affected by the foods you eat. Learn how the right choices can help protect your heart.

Diet and Diabetes

older adult with doctor and computer

Living with diabetes requires some dietary and lifestyle changes. I've got articles to help you get started.

Foods and Other Health Conditions

diet and health

Eating a healthy diet may help to prevent some health conditions from occurring. If you are already ill, making dietary changes may improve how you feel. Learn about how the foods you eat can impact various health conditions and disorders.

Nutrition and Children

Good nutrition is important for normal childhood growth and development and following a balanced diet (including a good breakfast) may help kids do better in school. Here are some articles to help you feed your kids a good diet, whether they happily eat their vegetables or not.

Diet and Aging

Mature woman in kitchen.

As the body ages, nutritional needs change and sometimes eating good foods isn't as easy as it once was. Elderly people who are alone may not eat as well as they should and maybe it's more difficult to chew or swallow. Following a healthy diet is an important part of aging gracefully, so here's some help.

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