1. Health

Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease

The foods you eat can reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease and strokes. Your diet will may help to reduce your cholesterol and improve the health of your arteries. Learn more about diet and cardiovascular disease.

How to Follow the Mediterranean Diet
Eating a Mediterranean diet may lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Here are some tips for getting started. Includes links to healthy recipes.

Foods for Heart Health
These ten foods can help make your cardiovascular system healthier. I've included some links to recipes so you can incorporate them into any healthy diet.

How Do I Avoid Sodium?
Sodium can have an effect on your blood pressure and heart disease risk. Here are my tips for finding and eliminating the excess salt and sodium in your diet.

Is Sea Salt Better Than Regular Salt?
Sea salt and regular salt have the same chemical composition, so is sea salt really better for you than regular table salt? Probably not - learn more.

What You Need to Know About Olive Oil and Your Heart
Consuming olive oil may reduce your risk of coronary artery disease because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids. Learn more about the health benefits of olive oil.

The Okinawan Diet
Residents of the Okinawa region of Japan have some of the longest lifespans in the entire world because they have less heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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