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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Gaining Weight

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Updated September 18, 2014

Gaining weight isn't easy for some people. Maybe you can help -- have you changed your diet so that you can gain weight? How did you do it? Share your favorite foods for gaining weight.

gain calories

eat lot of chicken, red meat, fish,eggs in a week and do warm up exercises like push ups ,chilling, sit ups,jogging by which my body weight become be 45 to 68 kg and my height increased upto 5cm before 165 cm now 170cm.
—Guest vishal

Sometimes Stable Is enough

I developed Crohn's disease about 5 years ago, at my worst I was 86 lbs (at 5'4" tall, that's about 35 lbs underweight). My doctor still wants me to gain more even though I'm finally STABLE at about 105 lbs. Sure I'd like another, say, 15 lbs of muscle (I still feel kinda weak compared to before), but I'm just so happy to have the strength to walk around and live a normal life. I'll keep following the general guidelines from here (and my doctor), but I'm fine with a slow or non-existent weight gain, so long as I don't end up with a weight loss!
—Guest TenderTummy

Stop Thinking Too Much

Try to be happy as you can. Try to let go of all types of tension and always think that it's okay, whatever the problem may be. just a minute of thinking can burn 21 calories per minute, so stop thinking. Be happy and enjoy your life.
—Guest Bajrang


I've had good results with this product. I followed some of the eating recommendations here and also was doing some weight lifting - my goal was to increase my appetite and gain weight (but not just "fat" weight). I'd suggest anyone to try out this product if they are having trouble gaining weight. I gained about 7 lbs in a month when I had trouble gaining any before.
—Guest Dennis


A lot of people want to gain weight, I know it's frustrating when you don't achieve it. I was once skinny until I made an intense search to get the solution. Most of the search results said this: * Do exercise as much as you can, drink water in between plus take protein shakes after each work out. * Eat calories densed foods up to 4 to 5 times daily, eat more calories than you burn so as to slow down your metabolism SO YOU CAN GET FAT; at first it wasn't easy for me but i was consistent. * Rest at least and make sure you don't think too much, instead browse the internet, watch movies or at least play video games to keep your mind away from snowboarding and stuffs like that as not to burn more calories than you get from food.
—Guest chilezie

I Know the Feeling

I'm 28 years old and I have been thin since I was a teen I have had two babies and still haven't gained weight, recently I searched the internet for answers and ran across a vitamin named CB1 and I can honestly say I gained six pounds within the first two weeks, so try it out and GOOD LUCK on your weight gain because I know what it feels like to be skinny.
—Guest taylormade

CB-1 Weight Gainer

I tried lots of different products over the years to help me gain weight. Weight gainer shakes with lots of calories are a good idea if you want a convenient source of calories, but even then it's usually hard to eat enough since those shakes are so filling. You should look into CB1 Weight Gainer if you want help stimulating your appetite and slowing down your metabolism. I never had a big appetite and it made it much easier for me to eat enough to gain. I went from 154 to 170 in a month and a half. You should look into it if you struggle to gain weight.
—Guest Gene


Add extra calories to your daily diet. Peanuts, shakes, pasta, and chocolate are good. Eat when you feel hungry. Do exercise like push ups and sit ups.
—Guest slimz


I was 94.6 pounds when i was studying, then I got sick because of too much stress. I had to stay at home for a complete bed rest. My doctor prescribed some vitamins with buclizine to increase my appetite and it works. I eat a lot now and I weigh 105.6 pounds.
—Guest lulu

More Protein

I always eat salmon, tuna, egg and steaks, and I also do pushups. It's amazing because I gained weight and my stomach got flat.
—Guest lavagurl


ive been drinking shakes, prortein bars, and vitamins everyday-quit the soda as well as food with alot of grease .. its been working
—Guest Vyy

One Stone In Two Weeks

I weigh 20.5 stone and I'm desperate to put weight on. I'm a smoker so I cut down from 20 a day to half a superking cigerette every 2 hours. I drank protein shakes twice daily, I ate bigger meals and snacked on pizzas, small bowl of pastas or burgers, etc., rather than sweets and crisps. I exercised every other day working on different muscle building on different parts of my body: day 1 - legs,bum; day 2 - rest and eat; day 3 - arms chest; day 4 - rest; day 5 - abs and back; day 6 - rest, and so on. This was really successful and I gained weight in every part of my body because muscle weighs more than fat.
—Guest louise

Weight Gain

Eat every 2 hrs. Eat 6-8 bananas or chickos per day with Milk. Dont keep gap of 2 hrs. Because I gain weight. I m following this from last 1 week and I gain 1 kg n above.. It really works.. Try It who wants to put on..
—Guest Ashwini Khopakar

Indian Food Helps

In a hurry? Just pick up a curry - it will sure help you.
—Guest Tat ret

Fruits and Milk

For those who are really skinny - just try to eat lots of fruits, banana shake, papaya juice, and milk.
—Guest zarah

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