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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Gaining Weight

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Updated December 02, 2013

Gaining weight isn't easy for some people. Maybe you can help -- have you changed your diet so that you can gain weight? How did you do it? Share your favorite foods for gaining weight. Share Your Tip

i'm very thin

Look, I'm very thin too, but I like the idea od blending banana and milk. It seems nice, easy and delicious, but I wonder if the lack of weight affects the process of pregnancy. I'm not pregnant till now and the FSH is very high -- I am afraid -- because of my weight.
—Guest iman

weight gain

i am at 96 lbs and i lose weight faster then i gain it i also have lung cancer all i want to do is gain weight so i can walk to places and do things for myself can anyone help me i am usually 135 lbs
—Guest debbie

fruits and vaggies

To gain weight, fruits and veggies are the best option for your daily diet, including dairy products and daily workout.
—Guest Tiyani

weight gaining its simple

Eat double amount of calories per day -- you'll be gaining weight easily, then you must eat 6 egg whites per day. It's really worth it.
—Guest prathap

Have Crohn's also

I'm in the same boat, but at 78 pounds, 5 ft tall. Want to be at least 100-105. There are a lot of foods I cannot tolerate. Meat, unless finely ground, a lot of fruits are off limits, can't eat much cheese or peanut butter, and a lot of veggies are off limits. No kind of oatmeal or bran flakes either. I mostly have to keep to mostly liquids or very soft food like ice cream and yogurt. I have no strength to do much but walk a little, so I try to do that about 3 dr's a day for 10 minutes. There are a lot of days I cannot get out of bed because of the extreme pain. I am going to try a few suggestions I found here but a lot of it isn't practical for someone in a Crohn's flare.
—Guest redheaded and in pain

Banana and milk shake

Blend two pieces of banana and add milk to it.Take this after every meal.
—Guest Temmy


Eat bananas after meals.Add honey with milk and drink it.Drink it at least two times a day,morning one time and evening one time.
—Guest Jaishree


Eat bananas as much as possible. Instead of taking two heavy meal a day,take six small meals. Drink milk with squeezed bananas in it. All the best.
—Guest 2 hours

banana shake n cashew

I take a banana shake and it also helps as your breakfast. Eat cashews that help you to gain weight, but avoid tea.
—Guest sumit

Nice Tips

Don’t put off feeling good about your look. Talk nicely to yourself and choose wear that make you feel good, no matter what you think about.
—Guest Aneel Rathi


I am giving also the same advice as that the who want to gain weight want to take one banana after meals.y I'm saying this means that I was also looking very thin.I doing the same thing what I said before..then guys follow all the tips and u can definitely see the change
—Guest MounikaChowdary

Body Builder.

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—Guest Rishi Acharya

More weight training, less aerobic

Weight training 3 x weekly keeps muscle on my body and gives my body shape..without that I'd be a real stick. I really have to focus on not over doing it in the aerobic dept. since weight training gives you more energy. That's my exercise strategy. I eat like a toddler about every 2-3 hours I start searching for food. I eat protein at every meal but everything has to be lean. Eggs, fish, canned tuna with oil, nuts, loads of avacado, lean cuts of steak, chicken and pork. Loads of veggies, whole grains, and fruit. I eat 1-2 tablesp. of coconut oil a day, flax meal sprinkled on everything, olive and sesame oils. Low fat diary products which is lower in fat but high in calorie and calcium. I don't eat anything plain. Example a bowl of cereal is packed with nuts, granola, dried and fresh fruit and anything else I can fit in the bowl. ) I do have a splurge day like today I had a gourmet cupcake and enjoyed every single bite. Good luck everybody. Have fun with it!
—Guest Robin

No appetite

I am 5/2" and weigh 92 pounds. My cholesterol and triglycerides are out of sight. I'm taking 220 mg of Crestor per week, plus I take fish oil, niacin, and garlic pills daily. I also exercise daily, walking, swimming, and no sitting around watching tv all day. After about six bites of food I feel stuffed and anything solid gives me gives indigestion. I quit smoking and my appetite vanished and my blood pressure raised out of sight.
—Guest nell

weigth gain

Eat bananas after meals and I will gain weight with peanut butter and if I stop smoking. Will do.
—Guest diann hoskin

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Top Tips for Gaining Weight

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