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Readers Respond: Diet Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

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Updated June 08, 2013

From the article: Foods That Help You Sleep
The foods you eat can have a big affect on how you sleep. Cutting back on the caffeine is one way to help you get to sleep, as is eating a bedtime snack, but tell us your best tips and favorite foods that help you get a good night's sleep. Share Your Tip

Good night sleep

Falling asleep while listening to music by enya. Also adding a teaspoon of honey to warm milk helps me fall asleep in no time.
—Guest Mariella


It seems taking fresh carrot juice instead of water helped reduce my bedtime urination frequency. I noticed that a half glass of carrot juice plus a full supper with relatively less fat usually led to less sleep interruption and a greater feeling of rest in the morning.
—Guest Danny Callo


I have a small piece of dark chocolate before I go to bed. Don't know if it helps me sleep, but it should be good for my heart.
—Guest James


I have a small bowl of cereal with a little soy milk before bed time. Fills my tummy and I love the taste.
—Guest Sheri

Warm Milk

I drink a cup of warm milk - it makes me feel happy and sleepy.
—Guest Cal

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Diet Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

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