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Readers Respond: Foods For Feeling Better

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Updated September 18, 2014

The foods you eat have a powerful impact on your health. Healing foods can be any type of foods you eat that make you feel better -- physically or emotionally. Think about the foods that make you feel stronger and healthier.

An apple a day

Apples and other juicy fruits are my best feel - good foods. If you want to eat raw garlic, try eating it together with a fresh apple - makes it go right down!
—Guest Mere

Good clean foods

I was surprised your article included canola oil as an anti-inflammatory fat. It is one of the worst oils you can use. I also am astonished at your advice that 'a little sugar is OK.' Sugar is a number one inflammatory food and very unhealthy especially in the form of fructose which is in EVERYTHING. I have success by ditching all the white things e.g. sugar, flour, rice, pasta, potatoes and also anything 'processed' especially those foods containing food coloring and additives like msg, and any word you can't pronounce or aren't familiar with. Eat clean foods and wild fish or meats without the antibiotics, hormones, etc. that they inject into them.
—Guest AMKaloha

Shitake Mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms have oodles of vitamin D as well as most other edible mushrooms
—Guest rverlohr

Nightshade Veggies are a Problem

I suffered with eczema and psoriasis for years before discovering that it was triggered by the food I ate. My diet was rich in potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, and jalepeno peppers which are all terrible for folks with inflammatory issues. I also had a form of arthritis which was completely eliminated when I discovered the food links. I had these issues from age 32 till 40 and for the most part finally figured out the problem on my own before ever hearing about a "nightshade vegetable.". The difficulty is that tomatoes and potatoes are in everything good. I now eat white pizzas and pastas and sweet potato fries. I find that black walnuts and fresh thyme tea helps mitigate symptoms if I don't avoid eating the wrong thing. Do try to eliminate these things from your diet. Hope that this helps.

Soya beans

Soya beans are a great source of proteins. They are called vegetarian meat.
—Guest Ramz

Food Diary

You can see from the responses that different people have different responses to foods. A food diary can go a long way to help one recognize what effects various food choices have on them. I've noticed that if I drink certain diet drinks, my legs and back ache. Nightshades don't seem to bother me, but I eat them only sparingly, and leave a day or two between. Oatmeal has been a wonderful find, with walnuts, fresh local fruit in season, 1 tsp flax seeds, 1/4 tspn cinnamon. If I go more than a day without oatmeal, I will experiece constipation and feel tired and loggy. I am hypothyroid.
—Guest PattiM


Honey is not inflammatory, it has anti-inflammatory actions in many Pubmed.org researches.
—Guest stu

Fat, Sugar and Inflamation

One should be aware of fats when assessing inflamation. Good fats are anti-inflammatory, for example, organic butter and olive oil. Saturated fats do not, by necessity, equal inflamation. One should find a way to promote growth factor, which is good inflammation. The best way to promote growth factor is fasting.
—Guest sativa


Almost every morning I enjoy a bowl of oats, banana,blueberries, flaxseed, cinnamon and soy milk. At 90 I feel like 30.
—Guest Raymond

Nightshades HELP!

I'm loaded with inflammaatory processes, inside and out, but I always feel great on my trips to Greece, Croatia and Turkey...eating a diet high in tomato and eggplant, but low in meats. I would love to see real research on these foods.
—Guest LC

Anti-inflammatory Foods

My mother told me vinegar (one teaspoon) would relieve arthritis if you took it every day for at least two weeks. I would drink it fast with water until after three weeks ( I had a hard time doing this every day) the pain and swelling were gone! Years later it seemed the arthritis was coming back and someone told me to stay away from raw onions and fresh green peppers. It helps and I can tell when I have had any in my diet the day before because my joints hurt in my fingers and thumb! These things have made me arthritis free for over 25 years now and what a blessing it has been. It was very difficult with the vinegar because it tasted terrible but worth it in the long run. I hope this advice from my wonderful mother helps others as well as it did for me!
—Guest kmsea

Feeling Better

After 20 years with RA, I visited a holistic practitioner who suggested I eat for my blood type, and enjoy all-natural foods. She advised me to drink a green drink four times a day, and take additional supplements. I have for over two months, and am now 15 pounds lighter. Of course, walking and biking provide daily exercise. Black cherry extract has lessened nodules and swollen joints. I eat gluten free foods, no sugar or whites (flour, potatoes, rice). This type of lifestyle change made a world of difference to me. I plan to continue this program for the rest of my life. Without good health, there isn't much enjoyment left in life.
—Guest Alie

Eating Right!

I had leukemia 4 years ago. It was treated with chemo and it has not come back. My diet prior to illness was horrendous. I have come to recognize the importance food plays in our health. An excellent book is Anti Cancer - a new way of life by David Servan-Schreiber MD, PHD. I highly recommend it. It is readable and has solid suggestions for changing to an anti-inflammatory diet. Hope this helps someone out there.
—Guest Bob

Tomatoes are Definitely Out

Hi everyone. I have been eating spaghetti for last couple of days and last night I had a whole tomato. I woke up with my joints swollen and my left eye inflamed. So I will lay off he tomatoes. Garlic is great, I suggest flavouring your food or meats with garlic powder.
—Guest jordan

Soy and IBS

Long story short: began in 1997 when I quit dairy and started the "popular/good for you" soy milk. Suffered many years, 3 colonoscopies, drugs (asacol); but nothing made sense. I HAD ULCERATIVE COLITIS! 3 years ago, my doctor said I had to take asacol for the rest of my life, or suffer. Instead, I started to read ingredients and quit everything/all foods! NO exaggeration! And I "google searched" everything - esp. GMO corn and soy. 10 years later I decided to eat mostly 1 ingredient foods and almost zero processed/packaged food. Today, I can eat anything and everything that has, at most, just a few ingredients. (nothing that I can't pronounce, or don't have a clue what it is, including "natural flavors".) Most importantly, I found it was the soy that was causing inflammation. Today, the chicken I eat is coco-fed, and the meat is grass-fed. (not "vege-fed"). Overall, these last few years have been great!

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