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How I Lost Weight

Share Your Story: How I Lost Weight

By Susan George

Updated September 15, 2010

How I Lost Weight

Feel great and look good too! :)

How much weight I lost.

59lbs over nearly two years; on average 1lb a week but had my ups and downs

Why I decided to lose weight

I was unhealthy and couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without becoming breathless. I needed to lose weight for self esteem issues too and decided that not only did I NEED to lose weight, I WANTED to lose weight as well. Making that decision was a pivotal point and having lost weight and completely changed shape, I am fitter, healthier and look great into the bargain! My confidence and self esteem have all increased too. Now I am much happier and know that it was right for me to make a change at that time in my life.

How I lost the weight.

I invested in a personal trainer who just happened to be an holistic lifestyle coach too. He put me on a healthy eating plan and exercise regime involving cardio and weight training, walking and ball work.

My entire eating habits were changed as I had lived on sandwiches and chocolate for many years. I was constantly tired; in fact I could barely make it to the end of the week before I felt completely shattered, which I had assumed was down to being overweight, when in reality it was bad eating habits that was the major problem. My trainer supported me throughout my up and downs, which included things like putting on a pound one week or not losing anything another week, telling me this was perfectly normal, and taught me the importance of healthy eating as well as exercise. Probably the hardest part was changing my diet as I didn't like food and even now have a bit of a battle with it, but as I was encouraged to discover for myself about nutrition, I came to realise the importance of it.

It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do as I had many other issues that he had to deal with; but it was certainly the best thing I have ever done. Once I reached my target weight I was elated and have maintained and refined both my eating regime and my exercise to still be the right weight for almost a year. To say that I am proud of myself, and what I have achieved, is probably right!

Tips and Tricks

  • Deciding that I wanted to lose the weight rather than knowing I had to.
  • Having a trainer to encourage me and show me how to do it right
  • Getting everyone on my side to keep me motivated and encourage me
  • Best of all is knowing that I now look and feel so much better.

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