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Lost the Freshman Fifteen

Share Your Story: How I Motivate Myself to Eat Healthier

By College Girl

Updated December 08, 2010

What First Motivated Me To Eat Healthier

I gained the freshman fifteen and realized I was not happy about it by the time swimsuit season came around. I realized I had terrible eating habits and needed a change in order to look better.

What Motivates Me To Eat Healthier Now

Although looking fit is still important to me, I now realize how much better I feel about life in general. Ever since I have aimed to eat healthier foods, I am more active and enthusiastic about life. I FEEL better. When I find myself making unhealthy choices, I may feel mentally guilty, but I can also physically feel how disgusting unhealthy foods can make me feel. I guess you never realize you have not been living up to your full potential until you change your lifestyle and realize how much better you can feel.


  • Keep only healthy foods in your house
  • When you crave sweets, choose fruit
  • If you overeat one day, do not overcompensate the next day and starve yourself
  • Stay active
  • Eat healthy foods that taste good to you! Healthy foods do not need to taste bad

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