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Share Your Story: How I Motivate Myself to Eat Healthier

By LouAnn

Updated October 27, 2010

What First Motivated Me To Eat Healthier

I am a diabetic. I find if I eat right, I feel good. I know I am getting the right nutrients. The blood glucose stays low. I feel in control and that really helps me stay eating well. Sweets taste good but I get the "sugar blues" afterward.

What Motivates Me To Eat Healthier Now

I just feel better when I eat right. I have a list of proteins that I like: chicken, turkey, beef, pork. Carbohydrates that don't raise my blood sugar to much and olive oil and canola oil are my main fats.

I stay away from concentrated sweets because if I don't, I get high blood sugar and feel bad.

When I eat well, I feel satisfied that I have fed my body right.


  • Plan ahead. Have foods on hand to eat "right now" Have menus that take a minimum of time to prepare.
  • I find that foods that have High Fructose make me want to eat more of that food. So I read labels.

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