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Reader Stories: How I Motivate Myself to Eat Healthier


Updated September 24, 2014

Eating a healthy diet isn't always easy when others around you are eating junk food, super-sweet treats and high-fat snacks. Whether you've been eating a healthy diet for many years or for only a few weeks, you may need to stay motivated to eat your vegetables or say no to that second slice of pizza. How do you motivate yourself to eat a healthy diet?


To live an unhealthy lifestyle makes life harder to live.What motivates me is my goals and the benefith of eating normal and healthy, just the way we are ment to eat in order to have a healthy body a…More

Lost the Freshman Fifteen

Although looking fit is still important to me, I now realize how much better I feel about life in general. Ever since I have aimed to eat healthier foods, I am more active and enthusiastic about life…More

Exercise and Healthy Eating

I can feel the abdominal muscles on my stomach, and I seize every opportunity to show people that I am more than what I appear. I have combined working out with healthy eating. I know that evenn if I…More

Religious Faith

Obedience to God and the love He has shown me and to be here for my children. I don't want them to experience the void of not having a mother like I did and I want to encourage others that they can c…More

The Alternative To Poor Health

Having been a practicing Chiropractor for twenty years, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects obesity has on people. Obese people have more aches and pains, knee problems, high blood pressure…More

Avoiding Junk Food For a Healthier Body

I know I am what I eat. I know if I have to be in a better shape, I will have to make healthy food choices. My biggest motivator is my fear that if I eat junk food, it will bear out on my face. Secon…More

Staying Healthy

Constant reading about the effects of foods on the body keeps me motivated to eat healthy. I just can't bring myself to eat something when I know it will cause harmful effects to my body. Also, becau…More

Reversed Bad Habits

Now at 59, I've never felt better- no pills (only vitamin & fish oil) -no pain! I am so lucky to be able to tell myself NO to things that will not be to my benefit! Feeling in control of myself reall…More


I just feel better when I eat right. I have a list of proteins that I like: chicken, turkey, beef, pork. Carbohydrates that don't raise my blood sugar to much and olive oil and canola oil are my main…More

Feeling Better

I think of how long it will take me to work off the bad choice items I am craving at the time. I also try to remember how good it feels to have loose pants instead of tight ones or those I can't fit …More

It Feels Good!

It feels good! Now that my body's used to getting sensible portions of tasty and nutritionally well-rounded food, it reacts very badly to overeating or to loading up on high-fat or high-sugar foods. …More

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