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Help for Gaining Weight

There's much more emphasis on losing weight than gaining weight due to the rising rates of obesity. However, many people want (or need) to gain weight, so I've written articles that offer dietary advice that will help you put on a few pounds.

Here's How to Gain Weight
Do you need to gain weight? I can help you eat a calorie-dense diet that's good for you. Here are my tips and ideas for gaining weight and staying healthy.

Weight Management: Weight-Gaining Foods
Not sure what to eat to gain weight? Some foods are high in calories and nutritious. Don't settle for high-calorie junk foods, eat these healthy foods instead.

Sample Menu for Gaining Weight
A sample menu to help you design your own menu for gaining weight. This menu for 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day.

Share Your Favorite Foods For Gaining Weight
Readers give their tips and describe their favorite foods for gaining weight. Have you successfully gained weight? If so, share your tips with us.

What Does Energy-Dense Mean?
It's the amount of energy in a give weight of food. Understanding how it works will help you gain weight by choosing foods that are higher in calories.

Should I Eat Before I Exercise?
Your body needs fuel for a work out. Not too much, but not too lithe either. Learn when to eat, and how much to eat before you work out.

How Much Weight Should I Gain While I'm Pregnant?
You should gain weight when you're going to have a baby - the amount depends on what you weigh before you get pregnant. Find out how much weight you'll need to gain during your pregnancy.

Unexpected Weight Loss
Losing weight without trying can be a sign of illness. Learn more about unexpected weight loss and how to follow a liberalized diet to gain back the weight.

How Can I Increase My Appetite?
A few helpful tips for when you don't feel like eating.

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