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Have you lost weight or successfully changed your diet? Do you have a favorite healthy snack? Maybe you'll like to tell us about your favorite food. Here, About.com Nutrition readers share their stories, tips and ideas for shopping, cooking and following healthier diets. Join in.

Meatless Meal Ideas for Meat Eaters

Your Favorite Tips For Gaining Weight

What's Your Favorite Meatless Meal?

What's Your Favorite Protein Bar?

Your Easy Breakfast Tips

How to Cut Sugar From Your Diet

Top Weight and Diet and Nutrition Goals

Adding Whole Grains to Your Diet

Your Favorite Healthy Snacks

Your Favorite Artificial Sweeteners

Readers Give Tips to Avoid Chemicals in Food

Reader Tips to Drink Enough Water

Your Favorite Way to Serve Potatoes

Tips for Reducing the Salt in Your Diet

Tips for Eating More Vegetables

Your Tips for Fighting Sugar Cravings

Eating Nutritious Foods When You Travel - Your Tips

What Motivated You to Change Your Diet?

Tips for Cutting Bad Fats

What's Your Favorite Salad?

Your Top Foods For Healing

Your Tips for Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Favorite Ways to Serve Eggs

Budget Tips for Grocery Shopping

Your Favorite Foods for the Grill

Share Your Weight Loss Secrets

Do You Use Food Additives?

Favorite Quick and Healthy Meals

Helpful Tips for Picky Eaters

Dietary Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

How I Lost Weight
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How I Motivate Myself to Eat Healthier
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What's Your Favorite Diet, Cooking or Nutrition App?

Tell Us About Your Diet Program

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