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Readers' Questions About Fruit and Vegetables


Updated June 09, 2014

Readers always have interesting questions about the foods they eat, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Here's a sample of some of those questions:

Are tomatoes bad for you?

"I love to eat tomatoes, but someone told me that tomatoes are bad and eating too many will make me sick. Can you tell me if tomatoes are good for me or if they are bad for me?"

Here's my answer about tomatoes and your health.

Does cutting fruits and vegetables cause nutrition loss?

"Is it true that preparing salads and cutting fruits and vegetables in advance allows the nutrients and vitamins to leave the food more rapidly than if the veggies were left whole and uncut before eating?"

Learn what happens when you cut fruits and vegetables.


Are potatoes good for you or bad for you?

"I really like to eat potatoes, but someone told me that potatoes are unhealthy. Is this true? Are potatoes good for you or bad for you?"

Read my answer on why potatoes are good for you.

How can I get additional vegetables and fruits into my diet?

"I am trying to eat healthier but I have a problem that I don't like very many fruits and vegetables. Mostly the problem is with the textures of the foods, they make me gag. I drink juice and can eat a few things like applesauce, peas, corn and broccoli but that is about all I can easily manage to eat. Can you give me any help on how to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet?"

I can help; here's how to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Will drinking cranberry juice help prevent bladder infections?

"I've been told that drinking cranberry juice will help my bladder infections. Is this true or is just an old wives' tale?"

Learn more about the connection between cranberry juice and bladder infections.

What is the nutritional value of iceberg and romaine lettuce?

"I eat lettuce every day, but I am not sure which lettuce is better for me? Which is more nutritious, iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce?"

Read my answer about iceberg and romaine lettuce nutrition.

Why are dried fruits higher in sugar content than regular fruits?

"Eating dried fruits like raisins and banana chips is an easy way for me to get some extra fruit in my diet. I know eating lots of fruit is good for me. However, I am curious about why dried fruits are higher in sugar content than regular fresh fruits."

Read why dried fruits are higher in sugar.

How big is a serving?

"Fruits and vegetables come in all different shapes and sizes - it would help me to know what counts as a serving."

Learn more about serving sizes for fruits and vegetables.

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