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Nutrition Facts for Pluots


Updated January 29, 2014

There isn't any official nutritional information for the pluot, but it must be similar in nutritional value to it's parents, apricots and plums. Pluots should be great source of vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber.

Great for Kids:

Pluots are juicy and very sweet which makes them an easy fruit for kids to love. They're sometimes called "dinosaur eggs" because they're egg-shaped with a pinkish red mottled appearance. Try serving pluot chunks as an after-school snack, or with yogurt or low-fat ice cream.

Pluot Tips:

  • Choose plump, firm, red to pink colored pluots. Avoid green un-ripened pluots.
  • Pluots can be stored in the refrigerator once they ripen fully.
  • Use them in place of plums or apricots in your favorite recipes.
  • Pluots can be served raw or cooked.

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