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Eating Tomatoes May Lower Cancer Risk


Updated February 04, 2014

Tomatoes Daniel Aniszewski

Red tomatoes are popular for their flavor and versatility, but their health benefits are good too. In fact, it's possible that eating tomatoes may help reduce your cancer risk.

A Harvard study done in 1995 showed men who ate a lot of tomatoes appeared to have a lower risk of prostate cancer. This effect is largely attributed to lycopene -- which is related to vitamin A -- but, some studies suggest a synergistic effect of the vitamins also found in tomatoes. 

According to the American Cancer Society, there is strong evidence that lycopene-rich foods may help protect against lung and stomach cancer. There is also evidence that lycopene may help prevent several other forms of cancer as well. 

Beyond Cancer Prevention

Studies indicate that people with low levels of lycopene in their bodies may have a higher risk of heart disease. Lycopene may decrease inflammation and reduce LDL cholesterol, both of which may help keep your heart healthier.

Nutritious Tomato Recipes


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