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Best Products for Avoiding Bisphenol A


Updated June 15, 2014

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound found in some plastic products like hard plastic baby bottles, water bottles, hard plastic microwavable cookware, some plastic storage bags and containers, and in the linings of aluminum cans.

You can replace BPA-containing products with these BPA-free brands:

Pyrex Microwave Cookware

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Pyrex brand cooking dishes are more like glass, which does not contain BPA, and the lids are BPA-free. You can use Pyrex cookware for food storage, and it's safe to use in your microwave.

Storage Bags and Wrap

Some storage bags and plastic wrap contain BPA; however, both Ziploc brand bags and Saran brand plastic wraps are both BPA-free. They're easy to find in a store near you.

Storage Containers

Sometimes you need something sturdier than a plastic bag. Gladware brand plastic containers do not contain BPA and can be used safely to store and transport foods.

Water Pitchers

Many hard clear plastic water pitchers contain BPA, and so do the large blue water cooler bottles. Brita water pitchers can be used to filter your tap water and they do not contain BPA.

Water Bottles

The bottles of water you buy in the store do not contain BPA, but the hard, clear reusable water bottles probably do. So if you regularly carry a water bottle around, look for one that doesn't contain BPA.

Glass Baby Bottles

Who would want to expose a child to BPA? Choose glass bottles for your baby. They're not difficult to find, or you can buy these Born Free baby bottles. They're BPA-free and safe for your little one.

Sippy Cups

You probably don’t use glass for young children just learning to use a cup, so choose sippy cups made without BPA like those by Foogo. They're cool and BPA-free.
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