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Eat Right at Restaurants and Parties

I've written some articles that will help make it easier for you to make healthier choices when you eat in a restaurant. I've also got tips for when you travel and how to survive a party.

How to Eat Healthy Foods During the Holidays
Holidays mean getting together with family and friends -- and lots of food. Here are my tips for sticking to your healthy diet during the holiday season.

Don't Gamble Your Diet at the Super Bowl Party
It's easy to eat too many unhealthy foods at Super Bowl parties, but here are few quick tips for eating healthy at a Super Bowl party.

How Do You Eat Healthy When You Travel?
It can be difficult to follow your diet when you travel. If you've developed a knack for eating good foods on the road, let us know how you do it.

Healthy Foods for Tailgating Parties
Celebrating an upcoming ball game is a lot of fun. There's usually plenty of high-calorie food and adult beverages. You don't need to trash your diet at a tailgating party, as long as you follow my advice.

How to Find Healthful Foods When You Travel
Taking a road trip? You're probably going to be stopping at restaurants or grabbing some grub at convenience stores. But some of those foods can get you down. I can help with my tips and tricks for eating right when you travel.

How Do I Find Healthful Foods on a Menu?
If you've reached a point in your life when you're frequently dine in restaurants, you need to know how to choose healthier foods. Here are my tips.

Ten Holiday Foods That Will Ruin Your Diet
These foods are packed with fat, sugar or sodium -- they're delicious but they're bad for your diet.

Ten Holiday Foods that are Good for You
Here's a list of foods that are good for you. Look for them at your next holiday party.

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