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Low-Carb Snacks

Healthy Foods Grocery List

Fresh Vegetables
Lettuce Other Greens Cucumbers Carrots
Asparagus Zucchini Radishes Tomatoes
Green Beans Onions Green Onions Peppers
Cauliflower Broccoli Peas Celery
Potatoes Corn Sweet Potatoes Squash
Other Vegetables:
____________ ____________ ____________
Fresh Fruits
Bananas Apples Oranges Pears
Peaches Nectarines Grapefruit Berries
Other Fruits:
____________ ____________ ____________
Frozen Foods
Green Beans Peas Mixed Vegetables Carrots
Chicken Breasts Fruit Juice Bars Blueberries Corn
Fish Fillets Onions Vegetarian Burgers Shrimp
Other Frozen:
____________ ____________ ____________
Canned Foods
Black Beans Tomatoes Marinara Sauce Tuna
Salmon Pinto Beans White Beans Pineapples
Other Canned Foods:
____________ ____________ ____________
Lean Hamburger Pork Chops Steaks Fish
Shell Fish Chicken Turkey Ham
Other Meats:
____________ ____________ ____________
Grains and Cereals
Whole Grain Bread Whole Grain Pasta Whole Grain Cereal Oatmeal
Other Grains:
____________ ____________ ____________
100% Fruit Juice Sparkling Water Tomato Juice Herb Tea
Other Beverages:
____________ ____________ ____________
Dairy and Eggs
Low Fat Sour Cream Low Fat Milk Cheddar Cheese Butter
Low Fat Cream Cheese Colby Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Yogurt
Other Dairy:
____________ ____________ ____________
Miscellaneous Items
Herbs and Spices Sesame Oil Low Fat Dressings Mustard
Low Fat Mayonnaise Honey Low Sodium Soy Sauce Walnuts
Pumpkin Seeds Mixed Nuts Almonds Pecans
Flax Seeds Olive Oil Walnut Oil Garlic
Other Miscellaneous Items:
____________ ____________ ____________
____________ ____________ ____________
____________ ____________
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