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Shereen Jegtvig, MS

Nutrition August 2012 Archive


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Are We Wasting Food?

Thursday August 23, 2012
I came across an interesting report today by the Natural Resources Defense Council: Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to Forty Percent of Its Food From Farm to Fork to ... Read More

Are All Carbs Bad?

Wednesday August 22, 2012
A reader wants to know if he should give up fruits and berries on his new diet. Are all carbs bad? I don't think so: Read my answer to the ... Read More

New Rules for School Lunches

Wednesday August 22, 2012
The United States Department of Agriculture has set new school lunch guidelines that schools have to follow. This includes lower calorie counts and reduces the amount of sodium allowed in ... Read More

Nutrition and Diet Quizzes

Monday August 20, 2012
Do you like taking quizzes? I have written a few different quizzes over the past eight years. Here's one that asks questions about some basic nutrients: Basic Nutrition Quiz More Quizzes Fad ... Read More

What's In an Oyster?

Saturday August 18, 2012
No, I'm not talking about pearls, I'm talking about nutrients. Oysters are low in fat, high in protein and they've got more zinc than just about anything else I can ... Read More

Raisins - Nutrition Information

Monday August 13, 2012
Do you like raisins? I do. They're easy to store and they add a little sweetness to my morning oatmeal, or maybe my lunch-time salad. Did you know they were ... Read More

Healthy Picnic Ideas

Sunday August 5, 2012
A summer picnic might make you think of hot dogs, fried chicken, cherry pie and other not-so-healthy foods, but there are plenty of healthful foods that are perfect for a ... Read More

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