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Frozen Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt

By December 17, 2013

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A reader with a sweet-tooth asked me if frozen yogurt was as good for you as regular yogurt.

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium (especially regular yogurt) and frozen yogurt is lower in fat than regular ice cream, but often has almost as many calories. Read the rest of my answer: Is Frozen Yogurt As Nutritious As Regular Yogurt?

More About Yogurt and Probiotics

Greek Recipe for Homemade Yogurt
This recipe is for full fat sheep or cow's milk yogurt made the traditional way, without a yogurt maker. It's a very simple recipe with two ingredients.

Korean Frozen Yogurt Recipe
A simple and easy way to make Korean-style frozen yogurt at home. Tart, lightly sweet, and healthy, Korean-style frozen yogurt might be the perfect snack.

Prebiotics and Probiotics
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria and prebiotics include food components that help keep them thriving.

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