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Shereen Jegtvig, MS

Is Venison Better Than Beef?

By June 8, 2013

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The meat that comes from deer is called venison and it's a nice alternative to regular beef, since it has less fat and fewer calories. Venison has a wonderful wild flavor, but I know lots of people don't care for it. No problem. Tame down your venison by cooking it with a low-fat beef broth and cook your venison to a medium temperature so it is nice and pink in the middle. A reader asked me for nutrition information, so here's it is: Nutrition Information for Venison.

Cooking with Venison

Is Venison Better?

Maybe. It has less fat than regular beef and I'd like to think the meat is better because the deer live like they're supposed to, and eat what they should (although corn farmers may disagree if they have a heard nibbling on their fields), rather than being stuck in a feed lot. But I'm not really sure. What do you think?
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