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Shereen Jegtvig, MS

Sodium In Processed Foods

By July 1, 2012

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I try to avoid most processed foods, or I should say, the highly processed foods like canned soup, boxes of macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, stuff like that. Why? Partially because they usually have a lot of saturated fat that I don't want, but the main reason is that I'm sensitive to sodium. When I get too much I get puffy eyes and my fingers and feet swell a bit. Yuck.

Today I wrote about why it's there: Why Is There So Much Sodium In Processed Foods

More About Processed Foods

July 5, 2012 at 3:09 am
(1) Ragini Sharma says:


You are right we should not consume much sodium content food its really bad for health and after some time show you various side effects..
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