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New York City Mayor Plans to Ban Big Soda

By May 31, 2012

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New York City often takes the lead on health and diet issues. They were the first U.S. city to ban trans fats and to require chain restaurants to display the calorie counts of all their menu items. The latest NYC attack on fat is a plan to ban the sale of large sodas. Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes to end the sales of any soft drink over 16 ounces as soon as March 2013.

So what's to gain? Why the should this be regulated? Sugary sodas have lots of calories and no other nutritional benefit so there's a good chance that drinking too much sweet soda too often with lead to weight gain and obesity. Banning the large sizes might reduce calories (or make you a two-fisted soda drinker), but there's more to it than that. Drinking lots of soda is part of a bigger lifestyle pattern that usually includes eating too much high calorie food and not getting enough physical activity.

So tell me what do you think? Is it a bold move forward to fix the diet of New Yorkers or is it a vicious attack on liberty?

June 6, 2012 at 11:57 am
(1) Donna says:

My opinion is that it doesn’t matter if there is a ban in place. If people want 32 ounces of any sugary soft drink, they will just buy two of the 16 ounce bottles and pour them into their 32 ounce commuter cup. Unless a ban is placed upon all sugary beverages, this will be hard to regulate.

June 6, 2012 at 2:11 pm
(2) Jose martinez says:

the thought that soda is causing obesity is foolish.How many sodas would one have to consume to gain a single lb.??kids are fat because their parents are fat ,they are allowed to eat as they wish.They spend to many hrs. in front of the idiot box and stuff their faces.If the our smart-ass Mayor really wants to help kids how about funding after school gym or day gym?? how about funding the parks dept. so that they can refund the type of programs we had as a kid??fund the PAL remember them or how about the Fresh air fund??Lack of physical activity causes fat kids and stupid uncaring parents.The govt.needs to keep its own house in order and let people live without the govts. foot on our necks.

June 6, 2012 at 2:55 pm
(3) Roger Nehring says:

What you say is true about poor eating habits and lack of exercise Jose. But it would only take 11 32 oz sodas to add a pound and it is generally agreed that massive consumption of sugar is a huge factor in obesity. Who needs 32 ounces of sugar sweetened crap in one cup? Besides, it isnot a “ban”. Anyone can go into a convenience store and buy any size crap beverage they want. i say there should be a fat tax on anything with too much fat or sugar in it.

June 6, 2012 at 8:56 pm
(4) DLN says:

New York should be avoided; no tourist trade, conduct business in another state, residents that are smart enough to recognize the contraint this “law” would be initiating should make emergency arrangements to move to a state of Freedom. A full investigation into all personal / business practices & investments (with results publically issued) of the Dictator behind this proposal would be prudent to say the least … What’s the real driving desire? Power, Personal Advances? Mental & Psychological exams may provide answers & thus save the population of N.Y. from being under the thumb of someone who possibly has an atropied brain, is experiencing dementia, or … ?
Poor sap seems to have forgotten; NY is in the United States of America.

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